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Excuse-My-Charisma: Ode To The Art Of Being An Asshole

I recently came across a funny tumblr and it seems that people are very annoyed by the fact that this individual (who happens to attend the same university I went to (then I started making better decisions, yeah go eagles NOT!) doesnt discriminate on who he makes fun of on tumblr.

judging by the info I have gathered he is 20, ethiopian, and in general your everyday asshole (welcome son!).

but what I find interesting is that just like twitter, people are making a hoopla over what he posts as if tumblr doesnt have an unfollow button. granted some of the questions he posts may easily be from himself (they are all anonymous) but even so its interesting to me that people forget even amongst social networks is that you arent required to like anyones opinion nor are you required to see/hear/deal with them.

you dont like fat people? stay away from them. Dont like assholes? dont follow them. hate black people, dont deal with them…its ¬†VERY SIMPLE PROCESS

Dont make shit hard lol

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